Preserve the Health of Your Trees in Matawan or Old Bridge, NJ

Our team at Chestnut Arboricultural & Forestry Services will consult with you to determine the best way to keep them thriving. If your trees require regular maintenance and pruning, we’ll recommend the most effective approach and refer you to a qualified company for the best service. 

We’ll also make sure your trees have the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy growth cycle.

The arborists we recommend will monitor your tree’s health and use top-quality fertilizer for optimal growth. You’ll have beautiful trees for years to come when our team is handling tree care maintenance for your property!

See what we can do to improve your tree’s health—contact Chestnut Arboricultural & Forestry Services at 732-525-5656 today.

Comprehensive tree fertilization consulting services in Matawan and Old Bridge, NJ

Tree fertilization is essential to keeping your trees in good shape. If your trees are starting to look a little worse for wear, contact Chestnut Arboricultural & Forestry Services immediately. We’ll take a look at your trees to see if they require fertilizer. Common signs that your tree needs fertilizer include:


  • Very little tree growth when there is adequate rainfall
  • Discolored leaves
  • Leaves that grow smaller and smaller with each passing season
  • Leaves that drop long before autumn




Discuss your tree’s fertilization needs by reaching out to one of our arborists at Chestnut Arboricultural & Forestry Services.