Our Forestry Service Plans

Chestnut Arboricultural & Forestry Services ( Chestnut AFS ) offers professional expertise in forestry management in Middlesex, Monmouth, and Union Counties in addition to all of North Jersey. Since 1982, we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. With over 30 years of experience, our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as the best arborists in the area. The owner of Chestnut AFS is a proud graduate of Rutgers University School of Agriculture.

Forest Management plans

The Woodlot Management Program allows landowners with more than 5 acres of actively devoted farmland to apply for a farm tax incentive for woodlots by having a Woodlot Management Plan prepared by an approved Forester through N.J.A.C. 7:3-2, which deals with establishing and maintaining a list of foresters approved by the Department for the purpose of annually attesting to compliance with the woodland management plan required by N.J.A.C. 54:4-23.3 (Woodland Assessment). We have NJ Approved Foresters that can prepare, apply, and maintain your woodland as designed by our Management Plan. From the preparation of the plan, to the cutting of firewood for sale or home consumption, to the prescribed burning of qualified property, to the Timber sale, we have the resources to make and keep your property productive and useful. We have clients with properties from 5.0 acres up to several hundred acres and they are served by our staff who regularly receive training through industry membership and attending the various conferences and seminars.

This program administers the stewardship with the available funding from grants, rural forestry assistance, woodland assessment, wetlands, and consultant forester projects. The stewardship and rural forestry assistance projects are designed to provide professional forestry assistance to private landowners utilizing a minimum of public resources by forming partnerships with private consulting foresters. Additionally, this program administers portions of the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act (N.J.S.A. 13:913-1 et.seq.) which exempts certain forestry activities when included in a plan approved by the State Forester.

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Community Forestry Management Plans

A management plan is an essential guide to successfully achieving a healthy and safe community forest. By developing and implementing a management plan for your town's shade trees, you can make your tree program more proactive and efficient. A plan can lead to decreased tree maintenance and removal costs, shorter response time to citizen requests for work, and a decrease in hazardous tree situations.

A participating municipality or county must meet minimum guidelines to establish a Community Forestry Management Plan that fulfills the Act's requirements. To view a copy of the guidelines for the Community Forestry Assistance Act Program go Here.

CAFS LLC has prepared and successfully administered over 25 Management Plans for various communities and Counties. CAFS is unique in its approach to community by emphasizing the particular strengths of each community and not exceeding the limitations of the municipality or its staff of volunteers, and each plan is specific without a "boiler plate" format.


We have the experience, expertise and staff to perform 13 of the 15 Community Stewardship Incentive Program tasks. References available upon request.

If you have any questions about our company or services, please do not hesitate to ask our friendly and professional staff. Whatever your tree care or forestry needs, we can develop a management plan that suits your needs and optimizes the health and appearance of your land or community.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. References are available upon request.

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